Apr 22, 2014
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My great-great-grandmother’s portrait hung in the university up until the Revolution. By then, the truth of their romance had been reduced to a simple fairy tale. And, while Cinderella and her prince did live happily ever after, the point, gentlemen, is that they lived.

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Apr 22, 2014
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"I’m definitely pro-selfie. I think that anybody who’s anti-selfie is really just a hater. Because, truthfully, why shouldn’t people take pictures of themselves? When I’m on Instagram and I see that somebody took a picture of themselves, I’m like, ‘Thank you.’ I don’t need to see a picture of the sky, the trees, plants. There’s only one you. I could Google image search ‘the sky’ and I would probably see beautiful images to knock my socks off. But I can’t Google, you know, ‘What does my friend look like today?’ For you to be able to take a picture of yourself that you feel good enough about to share with the world – I think that’s a great thing."  - Ezra Koenig being an angel [x] (via whatevelyn)

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Apr 22, 2014
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Apr 22, 2014
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there are certain characters/families in the Harry Potter canon that are described as having fair or pale skin, the Potter line isn’t one of them. Harry and James both have canonically jet-black untidy hair but no canon ethnicity. Harry has “great skin”.

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Apr 22, 2014
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*DJs at a high school prom*

*only plays gangnam style*

*plays gangnam style at half speed when they request a slow song*

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Apr 22, 2014
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me flirting

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Apr 22, 2014
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30 days // 22. redesign a book cover

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Apr 22, 2014
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if you’re reading this i’m beautiful

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Apr 22, 2014
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1. Sleep naked. If it’s warm outside, open the windows and draw the curtains. You’ll wake up with beams of sunrise on your skin, under cool sheets.

2. Play soccer barefoot. You will feel more free and happy while you savor the moment. Everyone is more arrogant in shoes.

3. Dance to your favorite music.

4. Wear a flower in your hair—or a flower tiara.

5. Do naked yoga.

6. Dance in the rain without fear of getting your feet, hair, clothes or anything else wet.

7. Make yourself a really healthy but yummy dessert, like plain yogurt with fruit, honey and almonds.

"  - 7 Home Remedies to Feel Better About Your Body (via goddess-river)

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Apr 15, 2014
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i am not the same person i was before this episode

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